Company Overview

GSM Systems supplies, maintains, and supports multi-vendor telecom network hardware for clients in 70+ countries. Since its founding in 2003 the firm has built partnerships with industry leading equipment vendors and carriers to reduce costs and drive efficiency in network maintenance and expansion. As technologies have evolved from EDGE to UMTS, LTE and beyond, the industry continues to face the complex challenge of maintaining, supporting and upgrading multi-vendor and legacy systems. GSM Systems continues to ensure that challenge is met and comprehensively overcome.

GSM Systems is certified as an ISO 9001:2008 company enabling them to ensure that they meet and exceed the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the products and services they provide.

The scope of the certification is:

“The refurbishment, testing, repair and provision of spare parts and inventory management services for the telecommunication network operators.”


Services Overview

GSM Systems provides network managed services including spares management, part swap & repair, field maintenance, technical warehousing, logistics management, engineer training, decommissioning, integration and optimization with customized cloud-based reporting tools. Combining flexibility and cost competitiveness with multi-vendor technical skill, GSM Systems delivers agile, transparent and cost effective solutions to optimize network maintenance and asset re-use. Our commitment to excellence in service delivery and customer service is proven in a range of markets and services.