Our Principles

  • I strive to Deliver Results for my Stakeholders: my Customers, my Shareholders and my Worldwide Team
  • I Expect the Utmost of myself and of others
  • I Break Down Barriers and Create Opportunities
  • I am Honest and Transparent
  • I Present Solutions every time
  • I am Responsible for my Wellbeing and for my Growth
  • I am an Inspiration to others through Courage, Teamwork, and Philanthropy
  • I Believe there are No Limits to my Future here and No Limits to what we can build together.
  • I value others on their contribution and performance, I only want A players on my team.
  • I Own the Outcome of my Stakeholder’s experience
  • We are GSM Systems!


Our Management Team

Left to Right Top Row: Keith Pitout, Christian Crews, Olivier Thiery, Dan Knox, Eric Wilson, John Dodge, Gideon Itulua, Garrett Smith - Bottom Row: Joe Schroeder, Kirk Miller, Dave Sacks, Golan Lewkowicz, Malcolm Colman, Simon Brown, Chris Carey Jr

Our New York Team 


Our Amsterdam Team


Our Nairobi Team




Our Lagos Team


Our Jakarta Team