Re-use & Refurbishment

GSM Systems purchases hardware which has been carefully maintained under controlled conditions, and often requires only testing to ensure condition is like new. However, some equipment which has been removed from the field may require cosmetic changes or component swaps after being removed from the field and this is where our quality certified refurbishment process takes place. To distinguish between new hardware and GSM Systems products is almost impossible in most cases.

This service can be important to operators, as more operators in developed countries with high levels of penetration have demanded the service as they become more cost-conscious in an effort to drive EBITDA up, despite decreasing ARPU. GSM Systems is the cost conscious choice.

Service Description

  • Restore BTS to “like new” condition
  • Reconfigure according to client specifications
  • Certified engineers pull all components and cabling, test and re-populate
  • Packing: Anti-static bags, Custom foam fitted GSM Systems crates, prepare for deployment to site, Base Plates, bolts included, Installation cabling optional
  • Each crate marked with the site for deployment
  • All fully functional excess components are packed according to OEM packing standards.
  • Hard and soft copies of configuration by serial number, cabling diagram included