Upgraded EDGE and UMTS technology is often deployed in metropolitan areas, requiring removal and redeployment of existing hardware, either BTS, BSC or microwave.

GSM Systems works with the major OEMs and operators to remove equipment from the field, comprehensively test according to rigorous standards and reconfigure or redeploy as required. Network assets recently removed from a working environment need not remain idle in a warehouse, BTS and other hardware can be redeployed to provide valuable coverage and capacity in areas which require service enhancements or optimization. Our engineers can consult with your team to recommend optimal configurations which use existing assets to enhance your network without additional capital expenditures.

Our mobile test and repair personnel can be deployed to your site to test BTS and microwave equipment, and quickly determine which parts or components need to be returned to the OEM, or to our repair facility. Also our European facilities can act as a hub for your equipment redeployment, Contact us to have a team deployed to your site and to evaluate how we can optimize the use of your network hardware.

The goal of the OEM is to drive sales of new hardware and software, and this often means that costly upgrades are recommended in situations where existing hardware can be reconfigured or upgraded to serve your needs.