Surplus Remarketing & Resale

Recuperate the investment of idle equipment generating cash for operations or network expansion. GSM Systems purchases unutilized and under-utilized assets in all the major product categories and manufacturers.

We look forward to evaluating your inventory and recovering immediate value from your idle assets through one of our programs: Buy Back, Trade-In, or Consignment.

Please contact one of our experienced purchasing representatives to discuss how we can help you quickly recover cash for your equipment. Be prepared to provide us with configurations, list of part numbers, quantities, immediate availability and/or time-line for de-installation.

When under agreement, GSMS will carry any if not all of the following responsibilities in order to eliminate your workload:

Surplus Valuation

Detailed price targets to estimate expected return

Warranty Once Resold

Warranty risk under the agreement

Sales and Marketing

Launch of targeted sales and marketing campaign

Dedicated Manager

One Manager dedicated to the project single, point of accountability

Dedicated Sales Team

A team of experienced sales professionals working 100% on sales of your hardware to ensure rapid sales of the full volume.