Reverse Logistics

GSM Systems customized logistics solutions provide end-to-end management and reporting for faulty units swapped in the field for O&M. Where system swaps and upgrades result in excess material our team can handle the process comprehensively. This in turn allows our customers to focus their critical resources on core business and the activities which add the most value.

Our Global team provides the following services for parts or systems being de-installed or swapped for repair:

  • Parts Swap & end to end RMA Management
  • Equipment De-installation & Removal
  • Crating / packing at your site
  • Shipping & Export / Import Management
  • Inventory Control & Reporting

Our packing standards ensure equipment is kept in the best possible condition from origin to destination wherever that may be. We have arranged packing and shipment with intelligent use of local resources in regions as remote as rural Africa to complex metropolitan equipment removals in London and Brussels.

Our logistics team is experienced in predicting problems before they occur, and daily follow-up ensures that no day passes without a problem going unnoticed or unresolved. From ensuring documentation is exchanged to proactively driving a customs clearance forward, you can count on the professionalism and efficiency of the GSM Systems logistics team.

GSM Systems provides both inbound / outbound materials management, merge in-transit services, optimal route and network selection services.
With GSM Systems state-of-the-art tracking system, we can provide accurate and up to date information throughout every stage of the process including:

  1. Recording of all necessary product information and pictures
  2. Receiving of product
  3. Sorting of product
  4. Refurbishment, repair or repackaging of products
  5. Storage of all products to OEM standards and requirements

Please contact our services organization for a tailored solution at GSM Systems Reverse Logistics