Spare Parts Management

Our focus is ensuring the Right parts are in the Right places at the Right times while driving costs down.

Spare Parts Management (SPM) is a critical, often overlooked area of network operations, which is integral to network stability and field maintenance. When a network part fails, hundreds or thousands of network users can be affected and the availability of spare parts is critical to restoring service. As multi-vendor networks become increasingly complex, some networks require immediate local availability of more than 10,000 part types from a multitude of vendors and system types. Ensuring timely supply, repair and return of these parts can be burdensome to technical & management personnel, limiting their focus on other areas.

The business of handling, dimensioning, screening and managing this area is complex and often only understood by those in the field and in the warehouse. While the activity is handled in the field level, spares management is a high impact area for cost reduction which should be addressed at the Executive & Board level in the context of a managed services strategy.

In some cases poor spares quality control and tracking can not only affect network availability but can cause bloated spending on spare parts. This may result from technical personnel compensating for poor SPM process by increasing the quantity of parts in inventory. GSM Systems has a track record in implementing and maintaining multi-vendor SPM service in some of the most challenging markets in the world. The SPM operational model is scalable and available to deploy in new markets at short notice.

GSM Systems provides an expert, single interface for all activities related to spares management including tracking, issuance, technical quality control, logistics, RMA management, dimensioning, and availability guarantees. For Managed Services Providers, Mobile Network Operators or third party Logistics providers, the SPM service can be designed collaboratively to create cost reductions or eliminate SLA liability. For networks with more than 1000 BTS, GSM Systems can customize an SPM service agreement to meet your needs and your budget, while ensuring a robust return on investment including cost reduction guarantees.

Service Summary

Optimize process / Single Independent Point of Contact / Multi-vendor Specialist / Asset Tracking / Enhanced Efficiency / Guaranteed availability / Technical Expertise / Quality Control /


Enhanced Efficiency, Optimal Network Quality and Reduced Cost.

All of the above puts GSM Systems in a unique position to ensure that all the stakeholders in this relationship are provided with the relevant data that will enable them to make informed decisions in the preserve network quality and impact the bottom line. Eliminating network outages due to unavailable spares drives customer loyalty, reduces churn and maximizes revenue.

GSM Systems’ focus on increasing operational efficiency and reducing your network OpEx and CapEx allows you to get MORE out of your network.

The Operator benefits:

  • Transparent view of uninstalled assets and spares, status
  • MS Vendor and their performance
  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) focused on reducing Opex in the right place and for the right reason
  • The Operator has a partner that is focused on reducing waste rather than minimizing resources
  • The Operator has a partner the is expert in multi-vendor networks and supports what already exists
  • The MS Vendor has a partner who has a vested interest in seeing you succeed by enabling you to focus on your core business
  • The MS Vendor has a partner that is driven to have the parts you need available when you need them
  • The MS Vendor has a partner that can evaluate and highlight engineer performance and provide up-skilling training to make these engineers more effective
  • The MS Vendor has a partner that will drive the preventative maintenance element of network preparedness
  • The OEM vendor has a partner that will track and monitor the RMA process to ensure that it is kept pure.
  • The OEM vendor has a partner that will ensure your parts are treated with the respect they deserve to ensure their operational longevity.
  • The OEM vendor has a transparent view of their products and the performance of these products in the network.