Mobile Network Operators

Mobile network operators have experienced increasing competition for new subscribers, while striving for enhanced capacity on a tighter schedule and diminished budget. GSM Systems reduces costs and enhances profitability for those operators. GSM Systems has established its position in the market as a leading provider of new and refurbished GSM infrastructure solutions. That position is based upon consistent integrity, dependability and the highest quality standards in our market.

By maintaining current systems with our unique combination of products and services, our customers minimize capital and operational expenses by reducing network complexity and simplifying network management.

New and Discontinued Products

As the major manufacturers push for increased presence of next generation technology, the product lines that brought operators to profitability are often discontinued. GSM Systems lets operators enhance and expand their existing network with ease and confidence, without costly upgrades and integration. We enable our customers to achieve a smooth upgrade path that corresponds to the demand for next generation services, without excessive capital expenditures.

Reliability and Savings

GSM Systems only carries network platforms and components from manufacturers that have proven market leadership in in-field reliability. Because of this and our rigorous quality control, we will assist you in reducing operational costs and maximizing user access to voice and data services.

As mobile telecom markets develop and your subscriber base grows, we offer targeted coverage and capacity solutions to meet your specific network needs. Our goal is to maximize the quality of voice and data services delivered to your customers. We can lay the foundation for next-generation networks by ensuring your existing network is achieving optimal coverage and capacity. Our GSM network hardware supports a smooth evolution to next generation platforms, high scalability and immediate availability.

GSM Systems Solutions

  • Flexible - We support a full range of configurations for MSC, BSC and BTS and microwave
  • Scalable - We ensure uninterrupted operation as traffic demands grow
  • Available - Many components and platforms are available on the basis of immediate shipment and expedited delivery

Our transmission products allow you to significantly reduce wireless backhaul costs and offer cost-effective spread-spectrum applications. Our market-leading portfolio enables us to deliver high-performing, flexible transport solutions.

Strategic procurement relationships throughout the world have broadened the GSM Systems product portfolio, and we now offer a wide spectrum of RF, transmission and switching products. Thanks to these relationships we can ensure availability of new and discontinued products.

Please contact us, and our representatives will ensure your questions are answered quickly.