GSM Systems-Social Responsibility

One of GSM Systems established values is a deep belief in the importance of Philanthropy, and giving back to the markets we serve is something we truly enjoy. We live out this value through a range of investments in infrastructure, education and development which have a sustainable impact into the future.


Supporting disadvantaged Indonesian children in education

Currently we are supporting educatiing more than 15 disadvantaged Indonesian children that has no access to an education due to high fees for school. We believe our contribution will help to make a long-term difference in the life of a child. Through the sponsorship we are empowering the children to make a better life for themselves and their community, allowing them to break out of the cycle of poverty and despair. 



 Social Responsibility 

Millennium Villages, Pampaida, Nigeria

GSM Systems re-built a school in Pampaida Nigeria in 2010 and remains involved with the Millenium Villages Project on an ongoing basis.

The Millennium Village project is based on the findings of the UN Millennium Project and is led by the science, policy and planning teams at The Earth Institute and Millennium Promise.

Millennium Villages are an investment toward a sustainable end to extreme poverty. The Millennium Villages project is led and executed by the communities on the ground in Africa. Throughout the continent, more than 400,000 people are leading this bold initiative, giving their time, skills, and resources to make the project a success and one that is relevant to local conditions.

Mama Sayang Orphanage, Jakarta, Indonesia

GSM Systems contributions to the Orphanage have allowed for hundreds of underprivileged Indonesian children swim and enjoy the water, many for the first time.

Our ongoing support will help with their reintegration into society and that they are nourished and looked after in a safe and comfortable environment.

GSM Systems Builds Computer Lab in Rural Belize

GSM Systems partnered with a school in rural Belize to create and construct a computer lab for their students. The school system in Belize is very basic and a large percentage of children do not attend school past primary years. While the schools in Belize are free until the age of 13, related expenses including enrollment fees, books and school supplies are very financially restricting for poor families leaving very little room for educational materials and items like computers. GSM Systems feels that having computer skills is essential to success in today’s high-tech world but also makes learning more accessible to younger people. Education is the greatest gift you can give someone and the best way to end the cycle of poverty.



GSM Systems donated ten computers and funds to construct a computer lab which recently opened for the beginning of the new school year. The entire village attended the opening with much celebration and excitement. The principal stated, “Now the lab is functioning and the students, teachers and parents are all happy because for the first time ever we are having a computer lab. I am truly overjoyed; it is a tremendous step ahead for us".

Street Youth Development and Education

IPODERAC: Puebla, Mexico 

  • Ipoderac allows socially excluded street children an opportunity to reintegrate into society.
  • Provides a structured family / boarding environment incorporating life skills development and professional counseling to recover from abuse and become responsible adults. 
  • The children are encouraged to get involved in voluntary work-based programs which build financial management and life skills.
  • The program had capacity for 60 children & adolescents ages 5-18 yrs in 2008. 
    In March 2009 GSM Systems Built a boarding house for 12 children, increasing capacity to 72 children.
  • The GSM Systems team remains involved in the project with initiatives under way to enhance their computer network & provide English language learning opportunities.

Email GSMS Corporate Social Responsibility to learn how to volunteer or get involved.

Inner City Youth Leadership Development

Play Rugby USA

  • Play Rugby works to keep "at risk" youth and children off the streets by providing a competitive, supporting and playful environment.
  • GSM Systems partners with Play Rugby to bring teamwork and leadership development programs to inner city youth in NYC. 
  • Children are encouraged to stay focused on "breaking down boundaries, developing character, promoting fitness and creating friendships". 
  • GSM Systems personnel get involved through coaching to bring real hands-on meaning to the company's contribution here.

Email GSMS Corporate Social Responsibility to learn how to volunteer or get involved.

Other Sustainable Health and Education Initiatives

While GSM Systems focuses within the communities where we work we also make financial contributions to the following international non for profit organizations: 

  • Doctors without Borders
  • Heifer International 
  • Local African health care programs (Kenya)