Multi-Vendor Strength

Working in the Multi-Vendor model is more than just supplier management. When done well it brings real, significant, and long term benefit to those who do it, but only if they set out knowing what they are trying to achieve.

“Most enterprises look at their network as an integrated system and purchase most of the building blocks of their network from one vendor. However, recent research shows that there is no advantage to this approach and, in fact, enterprises can build a more functional network at substantially lower costs by looking at a multi-vendor strategy.” – Gartner
The GSM Systems Solution provides a single-point-of-contact business model for maintenance and support of multivendor products in the network.

The GSM Systems Solution affords access to the best technical experts, processes and tools, while leveraging multi-vendor capabilities, developed internally and through third-party business partners and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships.